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Board games everywhere!

KonMari Method: Board Games Collection Decluttered

Last night, Tim and I tackled his ever-increasing board games collection using the KonMari Method to see which games truly sparked joy, and which did not.How many games did Tim purge from his collection? My dad bet it would be three, my sister bet it would be only a couple.Watch the video to find out ...
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The KonMari Method of Decluttering

IntroductionIn June 2016, I came across the audiobook “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up” by Japanese organiser, Marie Kondo ...
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Tim and Christine cross arms to eat their delicious homemade pizza.

Our Favourite Homemade Pizza Recipe

Every Friday night in our house is pizza night!  Tim is the Pizza King!  He prepares the pizza from scratch, ...
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Best Laundry Tips and Products

I may be one of the few people I know who actually enjoys doing laundry!  Washing, drying and putting away ...
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Completed project showing DIY drawer dividers made from foamboard and fabric.

Get Organised! DIY Drawer Dividers

This was a really fun project, but it came to be out of necessity.  The house we lived in at ...
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Turning Old CDs into Art

Inspired by a Facebook post of artwork made using pieces of CD's to decorate different objects, Tim and I decided ...
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Rumo and Lila, Alaskan Malamute twins, relax on the top step of the garden steps.

The Story of Lila and Rumo – Chapter One

A Chance Meeting About ten years ago now, a chance encounter occurred near the picturesque remains of Dirleton Castle that ...
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