Daenerys Targaryen Makeup Transformation Tutorial

Daenerys Targaryen is undoubtedly one of the most popular characters in Game of Thrones.  She exemplifies feminine courage, strength and beauty.

Since the original airing of the Game of Thrones series, many people have commented that I bear a strong resemblance to the Daenerys (I don’t really see it myself). With Halloween fast approaching, I thought it would be fun to play around with some makeup and try to figure out a way to recreate the Daenerys look.  Watch the video to see exactly what I did; and read on to find out more.

The results of my attempt to recreate the look of Daenerys Targaryen, Mother of Dragons, from Game of Thrones.

This was my first time attempting any kind of makeup transformation.  I quickly learned that reference photos are very important.  Studying a few Google images of Daenerys, I was able to pick out the key features of this look:


Daenerys’s long platinum locks make her instantly recognizable.  I purchased a lace front wig made of high quality synthetic hair which can be gently heat styled.  I opted to style the hair with braids pulled towards the back of the head, leaving some curls loose around the face and tucked behind the ears, with the rest of the hair cascading down my back. 


The eyes are very natural with just a touch of neutral eyeshadows used, a smudge of eyeliner and a very light coating of mascara.  I used a simple technique to make my own eyes appear wider and more open: I applied eyeliner to the outer two-thirds of my lash line, and after curling my eyelashes, applied a very light coat of black mascara to just the very tips of my upper and lower lashes.  


The skin is very natural, with just a youthful flush to the cheeks.  After applying a primer, foundation and concealer as normal, I applied a light dusting of colour to my cheeks, followed by a warmer blush to create the flush.  I also used a chocolate brown lip liner pencil to add a few small beauty marks.   


The lips are very full and pouty, in a natural, slightly coral shade. Daenerys has a very full top lip, so I slightly overlined my own to mimic this, adding almost nude lip gloss only to the centre of my lips to make them appear fuller. 


One of Daenerys’s most distinguishing features is her eyebrows.  The brows are straight and thick, with a noticeable dip along the top.  After drawing in the brow shape I wanted with a taupe brow pencil, using short strokes to look like natural brow hair, I decided the taupe was too fair, so I added a deep brown eyeshadow over the top. Then I went over this with just a tiny drop of liquid foundation  on a lash brush to bring back the texture of the brows.  I applied a very light neutral brown eyeshadow over the top, finally adding a few more strokes with the taupe brow pencil.  Lastly, I used concealer to adjust the shape of the brows, carve out the dip along the top, and tidy up the edges. 


The very last step was to adjust the natural shadows on my face using contouring and highlighting to make my own features more closely resemble Daenerys.  The basic concept of contouring is simple: light brings features to the forefront, whilst dark makes them recede.  I used a neutral brown eyeshadow and a subtle powder highlighter to do this. 

So, if you want to recreate the Daenerys look yourself, I hope you found this helpful!  To see exactly how I followed these simple steps to transform myself into the Mother of Dragons, I made a short video, which I hope you enjoy!


The results of my attempt to recreate the look of Daenerys Targaryen, Mother of Dragons, from Game of Thrones.

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