Finger Knitting a Headband

As the cold winter weather continued in early 2015, I thought it would be ideal to try out something new which would help keep the chill at bay.

I was so surprised and delighted with the results of my first ever attempt at arm knitting an infinity scarf that when a friend suggested I give “finger knitting” a try, I did not hesitate.

I still had plenty of wool left over from my initial Loveknitting order, so I searched YouTube for finger knitting video tutorials and came across an excellent one by Simply Maggie.

Following the simple instructions in Simply Maggie’s video, I found this was so easy to do, and it didn’t take long at all (and this time I cast off properly ha ha).  You are basically just looping wool around your fingers, pulling the bottom row of loops over the top row – that’s pretty much all there is to it.  (Watch the linked video above to see a great tutorial.)

I created three pieces of finger knitting all of the same length and then carefully “sewed” them together to create a single piece: a fun and warm headband which could be tied in place using the “tails” of the knitting.

I was so pleased with my creation that I immediately began making a second one in exactly the same design using a different colour wool – only a little longer this time.

I have really enjoyed trying out both arm knitting and finger knitting in my quest to try out a new thing a day, but I have to say, for me personally, I found this project quicker and easier than arm knitting, with equally pleasing results.  Of course, I am sure it would take much longer to make an infinity scarf of comparable length using finger knitting…

These handmade headbands are so cute and warm – I have a feeling I am going to be wearing them a lot from now on!

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