Luxurious Honey and Vanilla Oatmeal Soap Recipe

There’s nothing like a little late night crafting!

Last night I decided to challenge myself by creating my first ever soap… And it turned out AMAZING!

This triple layered soap is so creamy and luxuriant, makes an incredible lather, and smells like a combination of my two very favourite Lush products: Honey I Washed the Kids soap, and Flying Fox shower gel – so if you love them too, give this simple recipe a try 🙂


1kg goats milk melt and pour soap base
rolled oats
odourless coconut oil
Honey and Vanilla soap fragrance oil
Ylang Ylang essential oil
Jasmine essential oil
organic turmeric

You Will Also Need

A silicon soap mold
microwaveable jug/bowl
sharp knife
measuring spoons
mixing spoons


Watch our short tutorial video to make this exact soap, or modify the scents etc to make your own version!

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