How to Keep Your Dogs Cool in the Summer

It is rare, but occasionally we do get the odd heatwave, even here in Scotland. 

Last summer, we had a very brief heatwave so I decided to try making a DIY sprinkler attachment for the garden hose to keep our Alaskan Malamutes cool.  Preventing your dogs from developing heatstroke is extremely important, and all due care should be taken to ensure they are kept at a comfortable temperature. 

Our dogs love water, so I pierced an empty 2 litre Coke bottle, and used gaffa tape to affix it to the end of the garden hose to make a temporary sprinkler.  It took just a couple of minutes to assemble, but it provided hours of fun! 

Lila, and especially Rumo, LOVED it! (Tim had fun with it too – until he broke it!)

If you are lucky enough to live somewhere with some heat, please take care to keep your dogs cool, particularly if you have Arctic breed dogs, like we do. x

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