How to Make Golden Syrup from Scratch

Golden Syrup is a traditional British inverted sugar syrup, which is similar in taste and texture to pancake syrup or Agave syrup.  It is often used in classic sweet treat recipes such as Treacle Sponge Pudding.  

If you do not have access to Lyle’s Golden Syrup, fret not!  We are on a mission to discover the perfect recipe to recreate this golden deliciousness in the comfort of your own home, using the simplest of ingredients.  

This recipe produces a very similar syrup to the original Golden Syrup both in appearance and consistency, however, whilst the flavour is not far off, it does have more of a caramel taste to it than true Golden Syrup, which is just a touch lighter and sweeter.  It is ideal for use in recipes that call for Golden Syrup where none is available… but we will continue testing out alternative methods to see if any others come closer in replicating the true taste of Lyle’s Golden Syrup.  

In the meantime, try out this recipe and see what you think!  We highly recommend you watch the video before attempting this recipe yourself.  




Weigh out 200g of sugar and place in a medium size saucepan. 

Add 60ml water, and warm over a gentle heat. 

Stir often until sugar has fully dissolved and changes to a light golden shade liquid.  This may take up to 20 minutes. 

Do not panic if the sugar mixture becomes hard and lumpy – continue stirring over low to medium heat and persevere!

As soon as sugar mixture has changed to a light golden liquid add 300ml of BOILING water, a little at a time.  Take care you do not splash onto your skin.  

Add 1/4 of fresh lemon and continue stirring until there are no sugar crystals visible in the liquid. 

Simmer on low heat for 45 minutes. 

Strain through sieve into sterilized Mason jar.  

Allow to cool fully before sealing with lid. 


Lyle's Golden Syrup bottle next to homemade golden syrup in wide mouth Mason jar

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