KonMari Method – Decluttered Makeup Collection and Organization

Last night I decluttered all of my makeup, following the KonMari Method. In this video, I will show you the items which spark joy, and that I have decided to keep, as well as how I have re-organized everything. I will also show you the items which did not spark joy, and which I have decided to let go of.

In this chatty video, I talk you through every item and how I came to a decision for each one.

This is the second video in my KonMari Method Round 2 series - Tim and I decluttered everything we own last year, but now I feel it is time for me to go through each category again to refine the choices I made last year, as well as to assess purchases made since then.

I decided to tackle makeup as an extension of the clothing category because they are items which you wear. Plus, my makeup collection normally lives in my bedroom, which is currently being redecorated, so it made sense to me to declutter all the items which have been removed from our bedroom, before we put everything back, once the redecoration has been completed.

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