KonMari Method – One Year After Tidying

This month marks the one year anniversary since Tim and I completely decluttered and reorganised our home following the KonMari Method. In this video, I share our personal experience of going through the process, the results we achieved, and how we have maintained our home ever since.

The KonMari Method is the name coined by organiser, Marie Kondo in her bestselling book, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, which teaches her method on how to declutter and organise your home properly, so you never have clutter in your home again.

The premise is simple: you tidy by category, not location; you handle or touch every single item in a category, asking yourself if it sparks joy; you let go of everything else; finally, you organise all of your belongings so similar items are grouped together in sensible locations.

I was desperate to get this video completed before the end of June, but was feeling very unwell whilst filming this video.  The last few minutes of footage were filmed last thing at night, which is why I look so worn out – so sorry about that, but hey, it’s real life!

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