Lazy Lila – Laziest Dog Ever?

This little video is about Lila, who is one of our beautiful Alaskan Malamutes. Like many Malamutes, Lila has incredible strength and stamina when required… but when she is not working, Lila is one of the laziest dogs EVER ūüôā

When it is playtime, time for training, going on walks, backpacking, or whatever activities we have going on, Lila is fully invested and an enthusiastic participant. ¬†However, left to her own devices,¬†Lila is the first to bed and last one up in our house. ¬†She also spends the majority of her spare time following me around and napping wherever I happen to be… What you don’t see in most of our videos is that Lila is usually napping just out of camera shot! And when it comes to mealtimes, like many Malamutes, Lila’s preference is to eat lying down.

Lila’s brother, Rumo, on the other hand, is bouncy and playful most of the time. ¬†Sure he likes a nap but he also loves to run and zoom around the house and garden! ¬†Lila often joins in but she usually covers about a tenth of the distance her brother does… rather, she likes to hang around in the middle of wherever Rumo is running, and ambush him as he zooms past! ¬†She is an expert at conserving energy.

You can follow Lila and Rumo on Instagram.

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