Making a shallow dish out of clay

I have always been quite interested in the idea of trying my hand at pottery but thought it would be wise to start simple, so I bought some self-hardening clay to have a play with.

I always enjoyed browsing some of the many books which we had collected over the years all about arts and crafts, but had never actually attempted any of the suggested projects.  However, under the pressure of my New Year’s resolution to try out a new thing a day, I felt inspired to attempt a project using self-hardening clay to make a decorative shallow dish.

I rolled out the clay, cut it into the desired shape and laid it inside a shallow bowl to get the raised edges I wanted.  Once it had dried out overnight, I painted it with acrylics, dusted it all over with a generous sprinkling of glitter, used some epoxy glue to embellish the dish with some night stars blue sand sitara gemstone beads and then glazed it…



The shape was all wrong, the colour was hideous and the glitter looked horrible.

I repainted it and I felt it looked a little better.  I had made it for a friend as one of her birthday gifts, so I wrapped it up and nervously handed it over, but thankfully she genuinely liked it, and for the past two years it has adorned her living room sideboard.  Phew!


Whilst this project was not the roaring success I had hoped it would be, one day soon I shall make another attempt at using self-hardening clay… watch this space!

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