Fun Day Out: Mary Queen of Scots Festival, Kinross

Get a taste of our fun day out at the Mary Queen of Scots Festival, a free event held in Kinross, commemorating 450 years since Queen Mary’s imprisonment at the Castle on Loch Leven Island. There was jousting, battling knights, music, storytelling, educational talks, birds of prey and so much more… Watch the video to find out all about a knight’s armour, and see Tim strike a knight with a battle axe! 

The sun was shining, beating down on the brightly coloured tents dotted around the site.  Cheerful folk music created a joyful and upbeat atmosphere throughout the day, and people of all ages were in attendance. There was definitely something for everyone, from educational talks about the area’s historic connection with Mary Stuart, to armoured knights battling it out in jousting competitions!

We met so many interesting people, and had a blast.  The jousting competition in particular was fascinating to watch – this was my first time ever seeing live jousting!  But it wasn’t just a fun day out, it really was educational.  We learned a great deal.  In particular, we met a very interesting knight who kindly took the time to explain to us in detail all sorts of facts about a knight’s armour and battle dress.

Whether you are interested in re-enactments, ren fairs, Scotland’s history, ancient jewellery techniques, or just interested in enjoying the highlights of a fun day out, we hope you enjoy the video we put together showcasing this marvellous event. And let’s see if you can spot the jousting knight wearing a wooden spoon on top of his helmet!!!

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