How to Organize Clothes KonMari Style

Once you have pulled out all of your clothes and determined which items spark joy, and decluttered all of the items which do not, it is time to organise what is left of your wardrobe.

Storing Like with Like

Ideally, you will organise your clothes so that similar items are all grouped together.  For example, all of your jeans together, your sleepwear together, and so on. 

As you will see in our short video, we have all of our daily wear stored in one wardrobe, with all of our outerwear and accessories stored in another.  This keeps everything organised and easily accessible, with different types of clothing stored in clearly defined sections. 

Hanging Clothes

Depending on the sorts of clothes you have, you will probably want to store a number of them on hangers.  Personally, I keep a lot of my clothes on hangers: dresses, jumpers and tops.  Tim’s work shirts are all stored on hangers as well. 

When hanging your clothes, Marie Kondo suggests hanging heavier, longer items on the left, gradually rising to shorter, lighter ones on the right.  The idea behind this is that seeing that upward arc is psychologically uplifting. 

Not only do I follow this advice, but I also organise my hung clothes dark to light within this system. This makes it easier on the eye when picking out what I want to wear. 

Folding Clothes

Marie Kondo is a big advocate for folding clothes where possible.  The folding techniques are quite specific, and may take a while to get used to, but once you have got the hang of it, you won’t go back.  

Folding your clothes KonMari style allows you to not only fit more items in a drawer but also makes it really easy to see everything at a glance, because you are folding everything to be stored vertically.  This is particularly helpful for organising T shirts, trousers and underwear. 

If you have a lot of laundry to put away each day/week, or you just love things to look super neat, consider following Sheldon’s example by purchasing a laundry folder board like the Songomics Easy Folder.  This clever gadget can be used to fold T shirts, tops, trousers, leggings etc and will ensure that every piece of clothing is folded to exactly the same size, ensuring your clothing looks picture perfect every time! It makes folding the laundry quick and fun and we love ours!

Marie Kondo also recommends that you fold your socks rather than balling them up.  This is something which we did for over a year, and it is surprising how many more pairs of socks you can store this way in the same space… however, Tim and I recently decided to go back to storing them balled up because it is quicker to put them away and they do not fall over within the drawer as you pull it out.  

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