Ball Wide Mouth Glass Preserving Jars and Lids



Each embossed with the famous Ball preserving name, these tall glass jars are simply a cut above your average jam jar. The wide mouths mean they’re easy to fill and perfect for pickling fruit and veg as well as keeping pie fillings, jams, jellies and chutneys nice and fresh.

With a traditional 2-part screw and banded lid, the jars are airtight and watertight, perfect for storing those preserves. Made by glass and preserving specialists, Ball, the decorative design of this set of six gives them an almost vintage feel, making them perfect for gifting your homemade jams and preserves, while also being elegant enough to be taken from kitchen to table.

About Ball

Beginning its life as a glass manufacturing company in late-19th century America, Ball has grown to establish itself as a world-renowned market leader in home preserving and jam making. Their range of glass jars, lids, labels and setting agents make turning your own produce into fruity, zingy preserves as quick, easy and efficient a process as possible.


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