Bridgedale Merinofusion Trekker Women’s Sock

  • Midweight sock
  • Designed for all year trekking and backpacking
  • Slim fit with soft knit cuff
  • 3 year guarantee


Fibre Content: 50% coolmax® / polyester;27% Merino Wool;22% Nylon/polyamide;1% Lycra® / elastane

The Trekker Women’s a universal sock for day-long protection and next-to-skin comfort. Bridgedale construction ensures a dry environment for comfortable and healthy feet.

Bridgedale MerinofusionTM brings Merino Wool together with Coolmax® to provide balanced insulation with the highest levels of comfort. Merino Wool is the finest wool used in socks, giving excellent insulation and next to skin softness, whilst coolmax rapidly transports moisture away from the skin leaving your feet dry and comfortable. This technology is the ideal choice for travellers and hikers in the wild places of this planet.

Bridgedale socks fit and stay fitted!

Bridgedale prides itself on making socks that fit and stay fitted time after time.

What does this mean?

Just as it is important to select the right boots or shoes for your chosen activity, it is just as important to have the right fitting socks. Your boots are only as good as the socks inside them!

Clearly selecting the correct size of sock is the first consideration. It is also important to consider which boots or shoes you will be wearing the socks with to ensure you avoid too much material inside the boot or shoe making the boot fit too tightly.

Fusion Technology is the unique blend of yarn and knitting technology that sets Bridgedale apart from other sock brands. It is the combination of the highest quality yarns wrapped with high performance microfibres to ensure all day performance whilst targeted cushioning and mesh panels ensure all day comfort ad ventilation. These unique combinations will ensure that whichever Bridgedale sock you choose they will perform to the highest level.

Bridgedale uses Lycra® in specific zones of the sock to make sure the sock stays fitted mile after mile. The additional Lycra® is knitted to the under arch and above the heel to prevent the sock slipping down while in use. Lycra® is also used in the cuff of the sock to help the cuff stay up.

The way Bridgedale uses Lycra® means that the perfect fit you enjoy on the first time of wear lasts time and time again. So when other, less technical socks have become baggy and lost their shape, Bridgedale socks will retain their original shape and be as comfortable as the first time you put them on! No wonder people buy Bridgedale socks and never look back!


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