Castles of Burgundy

2-4 players
Suitable for ages 12 years and up.
Playing Time: 30-90 minutes



The game is set in the Middle Age in France (Burgundy). Players slip into the role of an aristocrat and at the beginning they reign over a small princedom. While playing they aim to build settlements and powerful castles practice trade along the river exploit silver mines and use the knowledge of the travelling people. The game is about placing settlement tiles into the princedom. Every tile has its own function which starts to work when the tile is placed. The princedom itself consist of several countrysides and every countryside demands its own settlement tile. The core mechanism of the game involves 2 dice. The pips show the kind of action the players are allowed to do (example: roll a 2 and a 5: using the 2 the player buys a watch tower and places it on a 5 city tile which triggers the function of the tower with additional advantages). It’s also possible to influence the dice so using the dice is not completely subject to luck. There will be a beginner and a master version of the game rules.

The Castles of Burgundy is a detailed strategy game set in the Loire Valley of France during medieval times.
Players assume the role of princes trying to build the greatest estates in the land by becoming more prosperous than their competitors.
Over the course of five rounds, players collect points by trading, livestock farming, city building and scientific research.

This item includes 164x six-sided tiles, 42x goods tiles, 20x Silverlings (game’s currency), 30x worker tiles, 12x bonus tiles, 4x victory tiles, 8x playing pieces, 9x dice, 1x game board, 6x player boards, 1 x set of instructions


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