Malamute Man: The Brute Force of Unified Souls



An exciting behind the scenes glimpse of what its like to survive an Arctic dogsled expedition in the dead of winter- the most brutal time of year. This is the real deal-written on the trail! Complete with digital photography and excerpts from Joe’s journal. Now we have the opportunity to go behind the scenes of Joe’s historic expeditions and travel with him. He leads us past the incomprehensible human sufferings from his day-to-day struggles on the Arctic trail to a place of resolved strength as he reveals his secret of enduring the worst scenarios imaginable. With 30 years of experience, Joe has acquired an enormous amount of knowledge about living and traveling in the Arctic. Someday he hopes to pass down his expertise to inspire other explorers. This book, is just the beginning of Joe’s journey to fulfill this hope. Many times Joe and his team have broken trails where no dog team has ever traveled in recorded history. During his dozens of multi-month, unassisted (without resupply) Arctic expeditions, Joe and his dogs have accomplished feats of strength and developed trail breaking abilities that many have thought to be impossible. But it is not by accident that they have excelled in these outstanding achievements. Joe has been training dogs his entire life and has devised a strategy to draw out the essential elements that enhance a dog’s natural prowess, passion, strength and tough mindedness.


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