Testing Out the KitchenAid Ice-Cream Maker Attachment

To celebrate the official start of summer, Tim and I made some delicious strawberry ice-cream in our brand new KitchenAid Ice-Cream Maker Attachment.  This is an attachment for the KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer, which, you guessed it, makes ice-cream!

Tim stumbled across the ice-cream maker whilst hunting for board games in a charity shop.  Upon inspection, everything looked brand new, so he snapped it up for an astonishing £3.50!!!

We already had an old Philips ice-cream maker, which was well loved and well used, but the KitchenAid ice-cream maker attachment was a welcome upgrade.  It makes a staggering 1.9 litres of ice-cream, which is considerably more than our old Philips could produce (barely enough for four servings).

As we put it to the test, using the strawberry ice-cream recipe included in the booklet contained in the box, we discovered that the KitchenAid actually produces far superior ice-cream too.

The freezing bowl and the attachment pieces all feel extremely solid and well made, as you would expect of the KitchenAid brand.  Best of all, the texture and consistency of the ice-cream itself is perfect!  No crystals or crunch whatsoever.  Furthermore, after sitting in the freezer for a few days, the ice-cream we made has remained soft and easy to scoop.  By contrast, the ice-cream we used to make in our old Philips ice-cream maker would always become rock hard once it was placed into the freezer for storing.

So, if you would like to see the KitchenAid Ice-Cream Maker Attachment in action, watch our video.  You will notice that we were slightly overenthusiastic about adding the pureed strawberries to the vanilla base, which led to considerable spillage.  This was entirely my fault as I urged Tim to pour in every last drop!  Next time, we will be more sensible…

If you are on the lookout for a new ice-cream maker, and you already have the stand mixer, we would highly recommend investing in the KitchenAid Ice-Cream Maker.  It is our new summertime kitchen must-have gadget!

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